Coral islands Krapanj and Zlarin

Islands Krapanj and Zlarin belong Sibenik Riviera and certainly one of the most beautiful of the smaller inhabited islands in Croatia.

Krapanj is known for being the island with the lowest altitude ( 1.5 m ) in the Mediterranean. Known for its tradition of harvesting and processing sponges. Krapanj is the Monastery of St. Cross from the 16th century, where you can visit a small museum that contains a collection of sponges, corals, amphora’s and antique dishes.
Zlarin Island near the island ‘s inhabitants is distinguished by its lush Mediterranean vegetation ( Aleppo pine , fig, cherry , wild raspberry … ) and the longest island in Croatia along the waterfront of 101.5 meters on the island Zlarinu can see a demonstration of jewelry from coral ( sea plants ) , but above all the charm of an island that is transmitted to every visitor , will remain in your memory forever . On Zlarinu was born one of the richest Croat Ante Nebula – inventor of the battery Maglite .


9:00 pm – Departure by boat to the island Krapanj
9:30 pm – arrival on the island Krapanj (visit the Museum of sponges, corals, amphora’s and antique dishes)
10:45 h – departure for Zlarin (Visit of coral jewelry workshop) .
12:00 h – departure for a tour of the fort St . Nicholas and panoramas of Sibenik with lunch on boat
13:30 pm – Departure

Price: 280 HRKper person !
Children 6-12 years: 50% discount !